The QPS software requires that courses/instances (kurs/kurstillfälle) are correctly set-up and that appropriate privileges are assigned to you. Please contact the person responsible for your course if the course/instance or menus referenced below are not visible or if error messages appear.

Time estimate to perform tasks in this tutorial

5-10 minutes


Learn how to mark (evaluate and score) essay questions.

  1. Select Evaluation assignment
  2. Evaluate answers
  3. Submit evaluation


Software dependency

Who can see content created in this tutorial

The teachers who are assigned the evaluator role can see the questions answered  by students. The students' names have been replaced with a number to protect their identities

GoalLearn how to mark (evaluate and score) essay questions.

The exam needs to be closed before evaluation can be done 
You need to be added as evaluator, in the exams Tasks & Roles


Evaluator assignments

You will find your Evaluator assignments in the My exam activities page

  • Click on the exam you want to evaluate

QPS supports co-marking, it works as follows:
1. Several evaluators can be assigned to evaluate the same questions
2. All comments/feedback are shared, i.e. all evaluators co-write the texts. The last version is the one the student receives.

Evaluate answers

  • Click on on a question to evaluate the answers

The progress bar indicates how many answers that have been evaluated at least once by at least one evaluator

  1. The system will open up the first none-evaluated student answer
  2. Score the answer according to the Marking instructions, and if relevant write a comment
  3. Click on Submit evaluation (the System will take you to the next student answer)

Students are anonymized, hence represented by a number (ID) during evaluation

Submit Evaluation

  • When you have completed evaluating. That is, all answers to all the questions that have been assigned to you have been evaluated at least once. Click Submit evaluation to finish.