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Time estimate to perform this tutorial5-10  minutes

In this example you will create a group, view existing groups and send messages to a group

  1. Create a group
  2. View groups
  3. Message to group
DefinitionsEvent: Same as course
Group: A temporary connection of people
Program specificna
Who can see content created in this tutorialCourse administators, teachers & examiners
GoalLearn how to work with groups, to make teamwork and communication more efficient

The students need to exist within the course before the group can be created. A student can belong to a variety of group, at the same time.


Create a group

The group functionality works like a tag. Mark your members in the group with a name, for now. Moving the member to another situation, the group tagg will not be updated, instead you need to remove the tagg and add a new one, more fit to the new situation.

Select course in which to create a group

  • Select Course
  • Select Course instance

View existing groups

A menu to the right, Groups offers a possibility to look at the existing groups.

  •  Click on the Show drop down menu to select a group. 

A filtered list appears with participants in the selected group.

Add a student to a group

The group functionality can offer an easy way to select students. The tutorial describes how to add one student to a group but you can easily mark several students at the same time and add them all to the group.

  1. Mark a student (or several) in the list by marking the checkbox, in front of the name

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The menu to the right, Selected students gives you a few options for the selected student.

  • Click on Add to group to add the student to a group

A popup window appears. Now you have two options:

  • Add the student to an existing group by selecting a group from the dropdown list.

  • Or, add the student to a new group,  by simply writing a new name in the Add to field
  • Click the + sign 
  • Click Save

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Send a message to a group

Select students

A useful functionality is to create an e-mail to all members in a group

  1. In Group section Show dropdown menu, select a group. Control the members in the group by using the list of students
  2. Click on Send Message

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Write message

A popup window Send Message appears

  • Write a Subject
  • Write the Message
  • Click at Send Message

If students are divided into several groups, these can be used for student evaluations.