The QPS software requires that courses/instances (kurs/kurstillfälle) are correctly set-up and that appropriate privileges are assigned to you. Please contact the person responsible for your course if the course/instance or menus referenced below are not visible, and no error messages appear.

Time estimate to perform this tutorial10-15 minutes

In this example you will upload a video link and a pdf presentation and tag it to Course outcomes. 

  1. Create a content item
  2. Add material as hyperlink
  3. Add material as an uploaded pdf file
  4. Tag content to Course outcome
DefinitionsEvent: Same as course
Content: A container for short info, links and uploaded documents for structured education
Program specificProgramme specific tagging strategies should be followed
Who can see content created in this tutorialStudents in a course can view this content
Teachers in course can see these content items
GoalCreate a content item for your course and tag it to appropriate course outcomes for students to use in their education.


Create Content 

Select the course in which to create the content

  1. Select Course
  2. Select Course instance

Create a Content item

  • Select the Content tab. Learning content is found under the Content tab. 

  1. Click on Create new
  2. Select Learning content


Edit settings for content

In the section Public view:

  1. Enter a name in Name field (for example “A guide to digital examinations”)
  2. Select Status for the content item, Published and listed (If you want the content read but not visible for the students select "Published but hidden")
  3. Add a Description for the content visible to the student
  4. Attachments
    1. Click on Add website to add a link (in this example a YouTube video)
    2. Click on Browse to upload a file (in this example a pdf-file)

In the section Admin view:

  1. (5 )If you would like to share internal information with your colleagues (teachers) you can add hidden instructions here, in the Notes field.

A screenshot of a social media post

Description automatically generated

Tag the content

You can mark the content with one or many tags, for example which course outcomes the content relates to. This will make it easier for students to find the content, but you will also be able to follow up activity at the outcome level. 

  • Click on Edit tags (6)
  • A popup window appears Edit tags (see below)
  • Tag the content to one or several course outcome(s) under the section "Course name" Outcome.
  • Select at least one Tag under the section Social Perspective and Humanities
  • Other tags can be added if appropriate 
  • Click on Save in the popup window Edit tags
  • Click on Save (7) in the main content window


The usage of tags varies from programme to programme and each programme will present specific instructions that should be followed.

Did you know that a teacher can see if a student has been viewing a content item and thus measure activity levels. Content can also be re-used as attachments in assignments for an example as background information or as instructions.