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Time estimate to perform this tutorial5 minutes

In this tutorial you will write a question (Single Best Answer) and attach an image, add tags and rationale for correct answer. The example is based on an exam where you have been invited to write one or more questions.

  1. My activities to find question write assignments
  2. Write a multiple-choice question
  3. Add an image as attachment
  4. Add tag to the question
  5. Add rationale to the question

DefinitionsEvent: Same as course

Tag: a type of label added to the question to make it easier to find or categorize information.

SBA question: an examination question that requires one correct  answer out of a number of options

Rationale for correct answer:  a text or link to why the correct answer is the only correct answer. Can refer to a scientific article, text book or be free text. Can also be used as feedback to students to encourage further reading.
Program specific<<Thomas/Johan>>
Who can see content created in this tutorial

If the question is in draft mode, you can see the question

If the question is published, it is detectable for all teachers in the course
GoalCreate a Multiple choice question with one answer to be used in an exam 

An examination needs to be created and you need to be assigned as Question writer, to be able to write questions for a specific exam.


Write exam questions

Select the exam to write questions for

  1. Click on My exam activities (the left-hand menu)
  2. In the section Question writer, click on the exam assigned to you (where you arre supposed to write questions).

Write the question

  1. Click on Write question
  2. Select Single best answer

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated


  1. Write the stem of the question
  2. Write options here (remove or add options to suit your needs)
  3. Mark which option is the correct answer
  4. Click on the Allow randomization (to randomize the questions/alternatives in an exam, to reduce risk for cheating.)
  5. To add a picture to the question, click on Upload & select an image to attach. (more info Add an image below)
  6. Tag the question, click on Question Banking (more info Tag the question below)
  7. To add Rationale, click on Marking and feedback (more info Rationale below)
  8. Click on Save & select Publish changes


Add an image

If you would like to add one or several images to clarify things in the questions.

  • Click on Upload(5) in the Attachment section, a browser window appears and you can select a picture
  • Click on Open to add the picture to the question

Tag the question

Questions must be tagged to learning outcomes. Adding other labels and tags is optional but can make it easier to group or find your question. To Tag your question:

  • Click on Question banking (6)
  • A popup window appears Question banking
  • Check that the pre-selected course and assessment type are correct.
  • Select one or several course outcomes that the question relates to.
  • Select one Tag from the Societal Perspective category (not applicable can be selected)
  • Add other Tags according to your programme policy (if available)
  • Click on Save



Rationale is a set of reasons or a logical basis for score setting of the question.

  • Click on Marking and feedback(7), a popup window appears Marking and feedback
  1. Enter the points given for a correct answer in the field Points for correct answer. Default is 1 point
  2. Enter the reasons why the correct answer is the correct answer in the field Rationale for answer.
  3. Click on Save changes

Do not set points for correct answer to anything other than 1, unless you have agreed so with the Examiner (Examinator). It may introduce problems during post-processing.

Did you know that a question can get tips and tricks from the system, like how to avoid to obvious options & other tips and tricks from the style guide system. Tags can be added to questions. Questions used in examinations can be analyzed for their performance