The QPS software requires that courses/instances (kurs/kurstillfälle) are correctly set-up and that appropriate privileges are assigned to you. Please contact the person responsible for your course if the course/instance or menus referenced below are not visible, and no error messages appear.

Time estimate to perform this tutorial5-15 minutes
  1. Create a quiz with 2 questions
  2. Results from students who have conducted a quiz
DefinitionsEvent: Same as course
Program specific
Who can see content created in this tutorial

Published quizzes can be searched by other teachers

Published quizzes can be used by all students in the course instance
The questions in published quizzes are automatically stored in the question bank and can be used later to create new quizzes (not covered in this tutorial)
GoalCreate a content item for your course and tag it to appropriate course outcomes. 

To see submissions from students then at least 1 student must have used the separate App(Appstore, Google Play) and submitted results


Create a quiz with 2 questions

Select the course in which to create the quiz

  1. Select Course
  2. Select Course instance

Create a Quiz

Quizzes are content items and found under the Content tab. Select the Content tab.

  1. Click on Create New
  2. Select Quiz

Set up details for the quiz

Set up details for how the quiz is going to be delivered under the Info tab. In this tutorial we will keep it simple so you can use the default options. 

  1. Enter a name for the Quiz
  2. Click Save 

Create your first question

You have now created you first Quiz. Now you need to populate it with questions. This tutorial chooses the most common form (Single Best Answer) which is a question with multiple options of which one is the most correct answer.

  • Select Questions tab.
  • Click on Write Question
  • Select Single best answer

Enter details for your question

  1. Enter text for Question body
  2. Enter text for Options  
  3. Select which option represent the most Correct answer

  • Click Question banking and a pop up window appears.
    • Tag the question under Outcomes and Social perspective...  (compulsory) and use other tags if applicable.
    • Set Assessment type to Quiz
    • Click on  Save
  • Back in Write question menu, press Save and select Save Draft

The usage of tags varies from programme to programme and each programme will present specific instructions that should be followed.

Create more questions

Click Write question and repeat all the steps above until you have written all your questions. 

Publish your Quiz.

To make your quiz available to students in the course you need to Publish the quiz when you have written your last question.

  • Select Info tab
  • Change the Status field to Published and listed
  • Click on Save

Your quiz is now published

Students can now use their App to respond to questions. Once they have started using the quiz you will be able to analyze their responses and activity levels.

See results submitted by students

Select which quiz to view

  • Select Course (Follow steps above) 
  • Select Content tab
  • Select your Quiz in the list

View submissions by students

  • Select Submissions tab
  • The student list can be sorted in different way. If you want to sort the list by by submission Status (e.g. who has used the quiz and not) then Click Status.  
  • Select student of interest


Did you know that a quiz can be used to measure activity and verify that students have participated.  A quiz can also be used  to stimulate further reading by providing suggested reading  visible to students as feedback.  The questions answered by students can be categorized by subjects, course outcomes etc.