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Time estimate to perform this tutorial5-20 minutes

Prepare delivery of exam (Examiner)

  1.  read Deliver an exam (Examiner)

Exam day (Invililator)

  1. Check ID
  2. Use start code/password
  3. Add extra time, if necessary
  4. Move student between exams (pedagogic group)

Post processing (Examiner)

  1. Close exam (Deliver an exam (Examiner) )
DefinitionsEvent: Same as course

Invigilator: role to monitor an exam

Pedagogic support group (Pedagogiskt stöd): students usually granted extra time to complete the exam.
Program specific
Who can see content created in this tutorialStudents can only see the exam content after the set start time and after proper login & security checks.
Student will sit the exam at
Only students who have been added to the exam will be able to sit the exam.
GoalThe procedure to deliver an examination. Adding students and making the exam available online. Inviting candidates and invigliate the exam in a proper way.

This tutorial consist of two different roles, both examiner AND invigilator. 
To see Invigilator tab, menu with tools, the exam needs to be published by Examiner


Examination day

Prepare the exam room

Note: These Instructions require a seating plan for the room and that the exam is conducted on iPads.

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  1. Login and click on the exam you are Invigilating. 
  2. Place the iPads on the tables.
  3. Place the Candidate Instructions on the tables according to the seating plan
  4. Select Invigilation tab
  5. Help the candidate to get seated and:
    1. make sure that they place their ID visible on the table.
    2. manage to login and are waiting to start the exam.

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In the Invigilation tab you can see the Status of the individual Candidates and the Start Password

Start of exam

After managing any question or technical problems:

  1. Provide the candidates with the Start Password.
  2. Verify that all the candidates manage to start.

Checking ID

  1. Click on the candidate whose ID you will check. 

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  1. On ID Check 1, set the candidate to Present, provided that all is ok.

Consult the manual for special functions like Adding Candidates, moving candidates between centres, closing down the exam for a specific candidate, and adding extra time for a candidate. 


Did you know that an exam can be randomized to minimize cheating? Each student gets a different order of questions and options. Exams can be summative and formative. Closed exams can be released as formative for training purposes.