The QPS software requires that courses/instances (kurs/kurstillfälle) are correctly set-up and that appropriate privileges are assigned to you. Please contact the person responsible for your course if the course/instance or menus referenced below are not visible or if error messages appear.


Time estimate to perform tasks in this tutorial

10-20 minutes


  1. Create an examination 
  2. Edit exam settings 
  3. Edit exam layout (number of questions, question type)
  4. Assign question writers 
  5. Assign invigilators 


Event: same as Course

Question writer: a teacher given a task to write/find questions for an exam

Invigilator: the role to monitor the exam, with a number of tools to use during an examination.

Software dependency

Who can see content created in this tutorial

Examiners can see the analysis menus. The reports can be seen by students (students can only see their own data), teachers and course administrator.

GoalHow to create an examination event, with time & startdates and populate the exam with single best answer questions. The exam needs to have two roles added, who can perform different tasks, in this case, writing question and monitor the exam.


Create an examination 

Select the course in which to create the examination

  1. Select Course
  2. Select Course instance 

Create a new examination

  • Select Info tab

  1. Click on Add segment 
  2. Select Exam

The created exam ends up just above the Add Segment button, see picture

Create a title for the examination

  1. Change title of the examination 
  2. Make sure that No Prerequisite is selected 
  3. Click on Save

Edit exam settings

All these settings can be edited at a later stage if needed

Select the examination to edit

  • Click on Edit Exam to start editing the examination.

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Edit details

  • Set the Start time to Scheduled start
  • Set the date and start time for the examination, it will be shown in the time zone you are currently using. You will also see the start date and time in the UTC time.
  • If the students with “Pedagogiskt stöd” should have a different start time, click on Set Centre-specific start times
    1. Set the new start time and select For “Pedagogiskt stöd” 
    2. Click on Set start time
    3. Verify the date and times in the table and the click Apply

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  • Duration: The duration is the maximum time that an ordinary student has to write the exam. Students that  have extra time are managed individually, at a later stage. 
  • Question order: Select Random (The order of the question and options will be randomized). 
  • Feedback: Select Correct Answers. This will provide students with information about what they answered and rationales for answers in the reports. For other setting options consult the manuals.
  • Passwords: Set the Password to start and Password to submit. These will be needed to start and submit the exams. The passwords will be distributed by the Invigilators when the exam starts.
  • Select the Grading scale that you will use for the exam. Set the Pass mark(s) if you know them already. (This can always be changed during the post processing.)
  • Save your changes.

Edit Exam Layout 

  1. Click on Exam layout to access the panel. 
  2. Set the intended number of questions.
  3. Add an "include" filter stating that you only want SBA questions.
    1. Click on Add filter.
    2. Select Question type.
    3. Set Question type to: Single best answer.
  4. Click on Save 

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More information about sections and more complex filters is available in the manuals.

Assign Question writers

  • Select tab Tasks & roles

  • Add yourself as a question writer  
  • Add the remaining question writers (teachers) who should assist with question writing

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If you are missing teachers in the list of question writers, please contact your administrator.

Due Date: If you want to indicate when the question writing process should be completed, you can do so by setting a deadline.
For more information on how to work with sections and individual assignments for question writers, consult the manuals.

Assign Invigilators

  1. Select tab Tasks & roles
  2. Click on panel Invigilation
  3. Add Invigilators

If you are missing invigilators in the list, please contact your administrator.  

Using exam layout you can create a template for your exams to help ensuring consistency over many examinations. You can divide the exam into sections in order to direct writers to only write questions for certain parts of the exam and also automate reporting to students