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Time estimate to perform this tutorial20-25 minutes

Prepare delivery of exam (Examiner)

  1. Add students to an exam
  2. Publish an exam
  3. Create instructions & codes for students

Exam day (Invigilator)

  1. Read Deliver an Exam (Invigilator)

Post processing (Examiner)

  1. Close exam
DefinitionsEvent: Same as course

Invigilator: role to monitor an exam

Pedagogic support group (Pedagogiskt stöd): students usually granted extra time to complete the exam.
Program specific
Who can see content created in this tutorialStudents can only see the exam content after the set start time and after proper login & security checks.
Student will sit the exam at
Only students who have been added to the exam will be able to sit the exam.
GoalThe procedure to deliver an examination. Adding students and making the exam available online. Inviting candidates and invigilate the exam in a proper way.

To understand the article in full, please read the Deliver an Exam (Invigilator) 


Add students to an exam

Prepare an Excel file

There are different ways of adding Students. In this tutorial we are using a student list from Excel. The file should be organised as seen below with one student per row and contain first name, last name, email and if they are granted prolonged examination time.

In the Excel example below the students that are granted prolonged examination time (pedagogiskt stöd) has been noted "Ja" in Column D.


Select exam

  1. Select Course
  2. Select Course instance

  • Click on Edit Exam (Ordinare prov in the example)

Add students to the exam

  1. Select Students tab
  2. Click on Add Students
  3. Select Import from Excel/CVS

A browser window opens. Select the Excel file containing the list of students and start import.

Import the students

  1. Match the columns (First name, Last name, E-mail address, Centre), see Image
  2. Set First row is header to “Yes, skip first row” to avoid importing the headers
  3. Set Center to “Derive from data”
  4. Click on Perform Import
  • Assign the students that have “Nej” to Ordinarie 
  • Assign the students that have “Ja” to Pedagogiskt stöd
  • Click on Continue

Configure extra time for students with "Pedagogiskt stöd"

For each student in the centre Pedagogosikt stöd do the following:

  • Click on the student
  • Set extra time
  • Click on Save

Publish exam (Examiner)

Select which exam to publish

See step 1.2 above.

Control & publish

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  1. Click on Publish Exam (right hand side of the screen)


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  1. Verify the Summary
  2. If the Question hasn’t been submitted, click on Submit questions and follow the instructions. Note: For details about Submitting questions, consult the manual
  3. Click on Publish exam

If you are unsure about the exam configuration or the question list, take a look at the respective guide or the manual.

Print Candidate Instructions

Download the candidate instruction

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  1. Select Reports tab
  2. Download the relevant version of the Candidate Instructions. This is zip file with one PDF for each exam centre.
  3. Print the papers for each centre and bring them with you to the exam.

Special versions for Mock exam and Home exam exist, if you need to email the instructions directly to the candidates. Contact if these report version are needed

Close an exam centre and/or the exam

Close an exam centre

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  1. Select the centre you intend to close.
  2. Click on Close exam centre
  3. Confirm

Close the exam

  1. Select the Info tab
  2. Click on Close exam.

If there are candidates in more than one centre that sits the exam, you have to close the respective centers individually before you can close the exam.

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Did you know that an exam can be randomized to minimize cheating? Each student gets a different order of questions and options. Exams can be summative and formative. Closed exams can be released as formative for training purposes.