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Time estimate to perform this tutorial5-10 minutes

The task is to create an official form (part of an mini-CEX) which later on can be used to evaluate students, se separate article,

  1. Create a Rating scale
  2. Create a Evaluation question
  3. Create a form
DefinitionsEvent: Same as course
Evaluate:(meaning in swedish) bedöma
Program specific
Who can see content created in this tutorialExaminers and teachers can see/use this form, within the course
GoalHow to create an official form to be used at one or several courses



We want to create an MiniCEX that evaluates students with several criteras (questions) that are measured (in this example) with a scale ranged from 1 to 6.

Create a rating scale

We need to create rating scale with Interval from 1-6. We will use this scale in the evaluation question, in the next section. Please note that scales should always be arranged from low to high, from left to right.  

Interval scales are the most common scales used for medical purposes. They describe a scale where each step is arranged in order (from low to high) and each step describe some perceived interval. An ordinal scale similar to an interval scale, , but the scale steps are not necessarily in a perceived equal spacing. For practical purposes most scales will be interval scales.

  • Click on Forms in the menu to the left
  • Click on Rating scales


  • Write a name Name 
  • Type select Interval
  • Add six Categories and mark them 1-6
  • Click on Save

Write an evaulation question

Now we will create a question type called Evaluation question, which is a more customized form of question, with the possibility to use different types of rating scales, like the one we did above. We will add seven section from a mini-CEX form and for each item, link the Rating scale 1-6.

  • Click on Question bank in the menu to the left
  • Click on My Questions
  • Click on Write questions and select Evaluation Question

  1. Question: Write the name of the question
  2. Response mode: select Choice matrix
  3. Add Item: A (in sample Anamnes)
  4. Rating scale: select skala 1-6 poäng
  5. Settings: no action (info - to add more info to the item)
  6. Add Item: to generate Item B-G
  7. Click on Save and select Publish changes

  • Click on the question in the list
  • Click on Preview Question

Create a new form

Its time to wrap up the components into an evaluation form. The form can use a variety of components to create powerful forms, like for instance mini-CEX, DOPS, DOCE and other standardized forms used in the day-to-day clinical medical education. We will add an information item at the top, telling the user this is a part of an mini-CEX and as item number two, our newly created Evaluation question.

  • Click on Forms in the menu to the left
  • Click on Browse

  • Click on Create new form

  • Write a new name in the Name field
  • Available for... select which course(s) which will be granted access to this form
  • Status leave at Draft for now
  • Tag settings (course dependant), mark according to recommendations:
    •  Stop sign=Not applicable
    • Checkbox=Available 
    • Star= Required
  • Click on Save

  • Select on Add field in the Forms field
  • Select a Rich text info field and write the name of the Form test of mini-CEX form

  • Mark the Evaluation question (created above) by clicking the checkbox in front of the question
  • A menu Selected questions to the right opens up, click on the Add to name
  • Click on Back to form
  • Status change to Publish
  • Click on Save

Forms can be used to deliver official forms like DOPS, DOCE, mini-CEX but can also come in handy in the daily practise with smaller, informal forms to document a students whereabouts in the daily practical training